Kinora Films | Southern Living: How To Three-Step Bun Video

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

We are having a blast collaborating with Southern Living and Kinora Films to make videos. Here is one of our installments; The Three-Step Bun. Watch the video and see how truly easy it is! 

As always, comment below if you have any further questions! Keep an eye out for more of our videos on Southern Living's website, So much more in store!

Bridal Looks for the non-ordinary Bride

Monday, February 23, 2015

A top knot, messy pony or disheveled side bun are a few of the options we came up with for the non traditional bride. We see these looks for the bride that is having a downtown wedding! Slightly modern and simple. Maybe even a courthouse elopement! 

All of these looks are created by a prepping the hair with texture and a whole 'lotta teasing!  No need for the curling irons or straighteners for these looks. All you need out of your tool bag is a comb and brush for teasing!

The top knot is placed up in a pony with a tie and then the tail is teased. Once its the size of the second photo (the messy pony) we started wrapping it around the tie, creating a large bun.  The Messy Pony is started the same, except once its teased we grabbed a small piece from underneath the tail and wrapped it around the tie. This is to hide the tie and finish the look. The Disheveled Side Bun was created by teasing around crown and ends. Then we gathered from ear to ear loosely and pinned towards one side. We then added the headband, tied and pinned it. With the left over hair we started pinning over the previous sections by twisting and pinning at random. 

Top Knot and Messy Pony: Dress is the Prato Romper and earrings are the CasaBlanca Earrings

Disheveled Side Bun: Dress is the Barletta Dress.  Headband is (closets to it) Pearl-Petal Halo and earrings are the Harper Studs

These looks are from the collection we did for BHLDN for Anthropologie.


HOW TO VIDEO: French Twist | Kinora Films

Friday, February 20, 2015

Today we bring you a video showing you how to do a simple french twist. The french twist is not new around here, this one went viral and was a readers favorite! We thought making a video of a it would help you do it to yourself! This is one of 4 videos we filmed for Southern Living (which good news, we'll be making more soon!) We know sometimes photos can be confusing. Special thanks to Kinora Films for making such clean beautiful videos and for making my last finger neck touch not as awkward :)


Date Night Hair Ideas

Monday, February 16, 2015

Valentines came and went and we are left with ordinary days. But what if we don't want to let go of the "valentine"  feeling of dates? Date night any night can be just as romantic and special! So we rounded up a collection of ups, downs and half ups to inspire your every day week night date :) 

First up: The Braided Top Bun. We love this one because the ordinary bun was turned into the cutest do that would go perfect with a a-line firty dress! We also love this one because of the Flower Crown band that can go along with it!

Second Look: The Easy Low Bun! This one is pretty easy. We love doing this one when we have a low back to showcase. This tutorial also has a video on how to get the hair texture correct before hand!

Third Look: Side Swept Pony. Now this one is for those ladies with the long locks, tho if you have medium hair it works too. This one is pretty simple and would pair well with or without a hair piece!

Fourth Look: Smooth Blowdry! How about those that just want a simple smooth blowdry? Here is a tutorial on tips about how to blow dry your hair in the correct quick technique.

Fifth Look: Voluminous Wavy Blowdry. Or a blow dry that gives you big voluminous waves that doesn't require a curling iron? Yes, mam. It's possible. 

Sixth Look: The Messy French Twist. Our most popular! It might look intimidating but its not at all! The key to this one, the messier the better! We recommend this for a look that showcase your shoulders!

Seventh Look: The Twisted Half Up. This one can be done with any hair color and length! but we love seeing it on long haired blondes, the dimension helps showcase the detail in the hair!

Eighth Look: Braided Side Bun. If you want something a little more put together, we recommend this braided bun. Its classy but with a hint of youthfulness!

Ninth Look: Halo Ribbon Braid! This is for the girls that can handle a little challenge (and want a little fun) The ribbon isn't necessary but we encourage you to try something new! This is also a sweet and pretty look that goes well with a casual or dressed up attire!

Last and Tenth Look: Braided French Twist. Super simple and works well to have when you go to work and still look cute for the date afterwards! 

So there you have it ladies, 10 looks to spice up your "ordinary" weeknight dates! Hope this inspires you to spark valentines anytime of the year :)


Tousled and Messy Curls With a Side Pin BHLDN Hair

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Here is another inspiration for our brides, that we styled for BHLDN on Anthropologies blog.  This look is more relaxed than the others and very simple to do on yourself. This may also be a good bridesmaid go to. You simple prep the hair with a texture spray (we always prep with B&B surf spray or oribe texturizing spray) then curl the top of a strand only, on the bottom of the same strand curl the opposite way. This creates a tousled curl that gives life to the hair! We teased the crown and side areas, gathered to one side and pinned with bobby pins. After that, we finished the look with a BHLDN pin. The top two photos we used the Edo Hair Pins.  The bottom photo we used the Golden Pearl Comb

Hope this helps inspire you! If you have any questions, let us know in the comments! 
(Oh and the dress is the BHLDN Lavinia Dress!)

Knot Your Average Braid

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Would you believe us if you we told you that this Up-Do is all knots? When we both first started getting into hair, french braiding was one of the staples we really wanted to tackle down. However, it can be very difficult to french braid your OWN hair. We, thankfully have mastered the french braid, but not all are so lucky. So we thought we'd share this french braid hack! Pretty much on accident we found a way to make knots look like a braid. This would be a great look for a night out with friends or a flirty engagement session! 

Our model parts her hair in the middle, so we created the look on both sides meeting as a low knotted bun in the back. You can do this on any part and length of hair, yes, even on curly hair :)
Step 1: Grab two small pieces of hair at the top of your part. tie in a knot. This is your starting knot. 
Step 2: Still holding the two strands from the knot you just made, borrow two more pieces of hair underneath the knot. (look at first photo- see how there is now four pieces in your hand? (Think of french braiding, this is actually much easier that french braiding once you get the hang out it!
Step 3: Combine the four pieces into two. Now you should have two bigger chunks of hair in your hand. 
Step 4: Make next knot with those two pieces. Continue knotting with steps 2 and 3 until you get to the nape, then pin with bobby pin. (Letting the remainder hair fall.)
Step 5: Repeat steps 1-4 on opposite side of part.

Once you have both sides knotted, you'll have left over tails. With these tails, grab little sections knotting and pinning repeatedly in a bun shape. It is okay to pin knots on top of knots.. the messier the better! After you have pinned all hair up with your knotting technique, pin and secure. Now grab your hair spray and give it a quick run over, adjusting baby hairs as needed!

Side Note: If you are worried about tangling or this not coming out easily... don't be! Try grabbing sections that are good in size, the smaller the section the more the knot will tangle and leave it a bit awkward looking. Also, if you want to run a bit of oil over your hair, try Moroccan Oil or Hairdresser's Invisible Oil. That will help make it a little more slick and easier to tame the hairs you may see popping out while you knot! 



Bridal Essentials

Monday, February 2, 2015

 Joanna and I love doing weddings. We get to come in at a very special moment in the day when things are still calm and everything is just beginning to roar up. The best part of this process to me is seeing the bride go from a glowing all natural look surrounded by people she loves to her beaming beautiful bridal look intended for "the one". To me this is such an iconic moment. So to kick of this wedding season, we decided to make a list... a list of things that we thought help bring that inward glow full circle.

1. Lips and Hands: Mary Kay Satin Lip Set and Hand Mask

These guys are some of our favorites. Especially the lip mask. It literally removes all of the dead skin off of your lips and makes them feel as soft as baby lips. No one wants crusty lips for your first kiss as husband and wife.

The hand mask is the same in that it removes all of that dead skin and soothes chapped hands. This is amazing for the dry and colder months!

2. Worry Free: Emergency Kit

This one is more of a mental thing. Take the pressure off by knowing that you have a emergency kit with you. Rather you make one yourself using a pre-made one as a template or just order a cute one like this off etsy! Its nice to know you are A-ok if the unthinkable happens.

3. Skin: "Glowing Skin"

This is a good one. Don't match the color of your dress like I did. I embraced the pale and don't fully regret it but it would have been nice to have a little glow to my skin. We have heard and seen wonderful things about the body glows that they offer at local tanning places. This just applies a light tone to the skin rather that changing how dark your skin is. It leaves for beautiful results!

4. Upper lip and the brows: Waxing and care

DO IT! We see this being an issue more than most of the others. Either someone gets it done to close to the wedding days and have wax strip eyebrows or they completely forget and have caterpillar brows that we pluck away. We recommend getting your brows/lip done 10-14 days prior. This gives you a window of time in case you have a bumpy reaction or you look like someone slapped your eyebrows for 40 minutes.

This allows the make up to go on so much smoother the day of as well.(Especially on your lip) Giving a flawless look!

If your in need of a place to go and live in Birmingham, AL come by Morgan Ashley Salon. My lovely coworkers or I can be of a helping hand.

5. Teeth Whitening: Smile Brilliant

Well, first off with mostly white being your color for the day. One must consider what your teethes are looking like in comparison. We found a product that does at home professional whitening and decided to give it a try for a little experiment. Smile Brilliant provides lab direct, custom fitted whitening trays and whitening gel straight to your home at an affordable cost. This can knock out a $600+ trip to the dentist saving you money for your big day!

Here is our little review of Smile Brilliant:

(I drooled.)

Were the results noticeable? 
My teeth were noticeably whiter in two (2 hour) applications. It was the quickest results I have ever had with teeth whitening.

Was there any teeth sensitivity?
After one application my teeth felt really cold afterwords and my gums were a little tender. I had left the tray in for about 3 hours which was a bit longer than usual. However, you can leave the whitening gel on for as long as you prefer (you do not have to go that long) and there is sensitivity gel you can use before and after application if your teeth are especially sensitive to whitening. That day I ended up using the sensitivity gel and it knocked out any tenderness and calmed my sensitive teeth! Here is a little article about
tooth sensitivity also!

This sounds intimidating, were the directions easy to follow?
If I can do it you can do it! I was real nervous about making the impression of my teeth but the directions were very clear and they give you extra molding in case you mess up! I ended up doing a really good job. Thank goodness! They give you three or four instruction manuals with pictures! Since I am a visual learner.. that helped me a ton! 

I give five stars! I totally recommend this to anyone whitening there teeth! I am thrilled with the results! My teeth are much whiter and I don't have to constantly apply stuff to them. Once you have the whiteness you like, then you are done for awhile! The only thing I would say is that for best results its best to leave them in for a few of hours. So you do have to commit sometime to them but since the trays are fitted specifically for you they are very comfortable! I hardly noticed I had them in! 

Also, Smile Brilliant was awesome enough to offer our readers a discount, at check out use irrelephant as a coupon code for a 5% discount!
........annnnnd if you want to WIN your very own Smile Brilliant kit, ENTER HERE!

Happy Monday!

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