Twisted Bun

Friday, December 13, 2013

Description of Photo
Description of Photo

1. Start with making sure the hair is prepped and textured, you can also tease and spray. Split your hair into two sections.
2. Tie the two sections into a knot. (like the first step in tying your shoes)
3. On the last photo, see how the left section is directed to the right and down? Pin about 3 bobby pins to secure it, especially towards the ends. Then take the right section and twist and direct it up and to the left. Pin that down. Take a few more bobby pins and start pinning around the bun to secure a little extra. Spray and pull some whispy's around the face!

This a really really easy and wont take too much of your time. This is ideal for that 2nd or 3rd day and when you're hair has that dirty grit and is moldable. Also- don't forget to tease the crown to have a good shape on your do! If you have any questions let us know! Enjoy!


3 Thoughts:

Lauren said...

Beautiful hair style, and lovely shirt! do you mind sharing where it's from?

Irrelephant said...

Hi Lauren!

Thanks for your comment! The shirt is from Forever 21!

Callie Hanson said...

Such a pretty up-do! Love it!

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