Monday, July 22, 2013

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Today, we decided to give a quick tutorial for some everyday options for you hair. Even though this one is rather simple it is nice to have some easy techniques to make it look more put together!


1. Start out with teasing all around your head (most importantly in the crown area). Then, take the section that would be considered your "poof" and pin it.
2. We like to use a 'X' bobby pin technique shown in figure 2. This secures the hair in place so that you do not lose any volume throughout the day. Just criss-cross the bobby pins for extra hold. 
3.-4. Tease sides and then braid backwards going towards your 'X'. 
5. The good thing about braids is that you can easily hide bobby pins. Aim for the middle of the braid and maneuver the bobby pin until it is tight and hidden. Pin first side.
6. Tease and braid the other side the same. Another great thing about braids is you can easily blend things together, just pin the other side criss-crossing it with the first. 

It is nice to have some daily hair options. If there are any that you would like some extra tips on or you would even like a how to just leave it in the comment box! 

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