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Monday, December 15, 2014

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How has your winter been so far??? We're in Alabama and the weather has been a bit bipolar. 70 degrees one day then 30 degrees the next. Its the worst trying to figure out what to wear when we go out. Especially for a baby! long sleeve and pants? but then he overheats in car. Short sleeve onesie with socks? But then he freezes. THE STRUGGLE! Up until we found Turnip & Doe. They have the SWEETEST hand knitted baby clothes that are perfect for this unpredictable winter. The best part? Were giving away a beautiful knitted grey vest! The one pictured below is a 0-3 month gender neutral hand knitted vest that will make a great gift for that special baby! Just visit Turnip&Doe shop and enter below to win! We will pick a winner on wednesday and ship it immediately so it can make it in time for christmas! 
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We will pick winner Wednesday, December 17th. (Unfortunately, This giveaway is closed to international readers- due to shipping timing. So sorry! we'll have more giveaways in the near future!) 
 Happy winning!

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Curly Sue

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Description of Photo Description of Photo Description of Photo How beautiful is this girl, with her natural curly texture? We love the idea of the large bun on a red gown going to a elegant New Years Eve party, right?! Or the side messy pony for that glittery dress you've been dying to wear! Both looks are with BHLDN pieces, which by the way... For those of you who actually read what we say,  head on over to the Anthropologie blog for an early peak of what we are announcing on soon! :)

Fleur Papier by Halli Hitchner

Monday, December 8, 2014

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We are LOVING these beautiful art pieces by Halli Hitchner, aren't they lovely? She just launched her shop "Fleur Papier" and is selling like hot cakes, understandably so. They are each uniquely exquisite! Halli hand makes the paper she paints on, with a few being found french paper. The detail is pristine and mesmerizing, from the shadowing of the botanicals, to the edging of the raw paper. We would love to see these gems in nursery's, wouldn't they be perfect for that? Theo has one in his right now! Halli's work would also be a fantastic hostess gift, not to mention for christmas, too. We can totally see this being the perfect sister gift! We love finding new artist who are genuinely talented and create work that not only is beautiful, but heirloom worthy, too.  (Photos by Rylee Hitchner)

Visit her shop and find a gift for someone special, oooor spoil yourself :)


HOW TO: Volumized Pony Tail

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Part 3 of the Southern Living video series is here! We know everyone knows how to style a pony tail for the most part, but we just wanted to help show how you can spice it up a bit! Here is another video that we did with Kinora Films

let us know if you're loving these videos, we'll make more if so!

HOW TO: Low Bun

Monday, December 1, 2014

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Description of Photo Description of PhotoWe hope you all had a peaceful Thanksgiving week, full of laughter, family and unbuttoned pants- We sure did! Are you glad that we are officially 25 days away from CHRISTMAS?! WE ARE! It makes this Monday a lot more exciting. Talking about Monday, how bout you try this casual second day hair bun for your turkey hangover? (Before we continue to the instructions, we have some VERY exciting news to share this month! So stay tuned, we are over the moon excited! and no, no... one of us is NOT pregnant :) 

1. Start with a wavy hair texture and tease crown. 
2. Pin into a half up half down, making sure to have volume in the crown. Take sections by your ears and cross them over each other in the back.
3. Only the section of hair at your nape should be left out at this point. Tease all the hair left making it as big and messy as you can. 
4. Roll this big mass of hair up into a roll and pin. Do not be afraid to be messy with it! 
5. Pair with a big sweater or a flirty dress and enjoy! 

To get a better visual, we have a little video that our talented friends Kinora Films made that can help with the prep and outcome! 

Happy Monday! 


Easiest Thanksgiving Stuffing: WILD RICE STUFFING

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

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Have a dish to bring to thanksgiving? Lets hope you get the stuffing, because we have the easiest recipe to whip up! Seriously, so easy and good you will have your family asking for seconds! At least that's what we tell ourselves. 

Wild Rice Stuffing
10 Minutes
10 Minutes
20 Minutes
  • 1 package of Pepperidge Farm Stuffing Original Flavor
  • 1 box of Uncle Bens Wild Rice
  • Chicken Stock
  • Onions
  • Celery
  1. Start by caramelizing some onions in a separate pan.
  2. Dice the celery and set aside.
  3. Prepare the stuffing and rice according to the package directions, the secret key is substituting water for the chicken stock in both the rice and stuffing! Toss together after both rice and stuffing have cooked.
  4. Throw in onions and celery, mix and serve!
Love, Mojo

How To: Flat Iron Curl

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Ever wonder how to curl your hair with a flat iron? Its pretty simple and quick, all you need is a good ceramic rounded edge flat iron! This video is brought to you by Kinora films- aren't they are amazing?! Let us know if you tried it, we'd love to know! 
Have a happy weekend!!

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